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  "DrivePath website hosting has been extremely reliable and has provided us an excellent platform for our clients' websites"
~ Onset Marketing
  "For the price that I pay for my template website, my expectation was far exceeded. Most template website designs are ameturish at best. My site looks like it was custom designed specifically for my business. What an incredible deal."
~ John O.



Our hosting packages are as easy to understand as they are on your pocket book. Most of our competitors start their basic hosting for more than $25/month. At DrivePath, you will never pay mor than that for our Premium hosting. With plenty of storage space and all the email accounts you will need, DrivePath has the hosting solution that is just right for you. Call us today and speak with a representative today!


Computer Training, DrivePath offers in office computer training. This allows companies to save money on computer courses while still allowing their employees to get the technical computer triaing that is needed to fulfill their job requirements.   Most business lose. money and productivity by not having their employees experienced with computers and computer software. In fact most employees only know how to perform the computer task necessary to do their job.
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